Strategic Plan & Vision

During 2022, Northfield Township’s Board of Trustees embarked on a strategic planning initiative that included surveys and focus groups of residents. After an in-depth vetting process, the Board retained the Center for Governmental Studies at Northern Illinois University (CGS-NIU) to assist in the process from July through early 2023.

By Spring 2023, this initiative will result in a clear vision for the Township and a long-term strategic plan that identifies current and evolving Township priorities, as well as a roadmap of projects and activities related to the top priorities. The strategic planning effort includes:

  • An online survey of thousands of residents
  • In-person focus groups of residents, businesses, users of current Township services, and personnel from other governmental and community organizations
  • Individual interviews of staff and elected officials
  • Group workshops for staff and officials to forge consensus on priorities and action plans.

The complete strategic plan, and its forthcoming initiatives, will be posted on this page once approved by the Board of Trustees in Spring 2023. Please check for updates!

We looked to gather input from stakeholders, such as residents, community leaders, and local businesses, to understand their needs and priorities for the Township.