Northfield Township Tim Rueckert
ROAD DISTRICT Highway Commissioner

Helpful Hints to Know When
it Snows!

Avoid Health Risks!

Snow shoveling is responsible for many heart attacks and bad backs each winter.  Take your time shoveling.  Remember to lift only small amounts to avoid putting excessive stress on your body.  If you develop chest pressure or pain, shortness of breath, lightheadedness, nausea or any other unusual symptoms while shoveling - STOP IMMEDIATELY - and seek medical attention or call 911.  Remember, cold weather puts a strain on your heart, even without exercise.


The Northfield Township Road District encourages you to take a moment after each snowfall and clear snow away from fire hydrants on or near your property, so they can be found and reached quickly in case of an emergency. This can be a potential life saving responsibility.

Watch Your Hands!

Do not put your hand into a snowblower to free the blades!  The snowblower blades will still maintain momentum even when turned off.  As soon as the blades are loosened they will start to spin, severely injuring your fingers and/or hand. Never use your hands!

Trash Pickup Day!

If your trash and recyclables collection day coincides with a snowstorm, please take care to place bags and containers well back from the roadway.  Put them where a passing snow plow won’t strike them and scatter their contents all over the neighborhood.

Mail Service

Your local mail delivery person will appreciate it if you clear the area in front of your mailbox.  If they can’t get close enough to the mailbox, you may be deprived of your mail.


Don’t rub frostbitten areas. If you suspect frostbite get out of the cold and rewarm frozen areas with tepid water. The signs and symptoms of frostbite may include a burning or tingling sensation, numbness and/or blanching of the skin. This may progress and appear white, waxy, and cold to touch; the area may be numb and feel solid. The areas of the body most prone to frostbite include the ears, fingertips, nose, cheeks, hands and feet.