Northfield Township Tim Rueckert
ROAD DISTRICT Highway Commissioner

2019 Household Hazardous Waste Program

Since the majority of hazardous materials used in homes today can be either recycled, reused, or can be safely destroyed, the Northfield Township Road District Highway Commissioner has entered into an agreement with Tradebe Environmental Services to create a limited Household Hazardous Waste Program for our homeowners in Northfield Township to safely dispose of their unwanted household cleaning and maintenance products.

Our Household Hazardous Waste program is a way in which we can offer homeowners of Northfield Township an alternative to disposal of certain chemicals in a landfill. The Road District has made it simple.

On Saturday, June 22  and Saturday, October 26 from 9AM to 1PM only, Northfield Township residents can drop off accepted household hazardous chemical waste at 237 Melvin Drive in Northbrook.

We will be checking identification to ensure Northfield Township residency


The following items will be accepted: antifreeze, cleaning products that are consumer commodities only, charcoal lighter fluid, driveway sealer (limit of 2 five gallon buckets), drain cleaners, paint thinners and gasoline in approved/original containers only, insecticides and herbicides.

At the collection site, Road District employees will help unload cars, segregating and repackaging the waste. The waste is prepared for shipment, ensuring all DOT and EPA regulations are met. The material is then transported to the Tradebe Environmental Services facility for proper disposal/recycling.

For further information go to and click on the Recycling icon or call the Road District at 847-724-7055.

Be Responsible and Recycle